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A medieval castle

A medieval castle

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The first recorded mention of the castle and the village of Dolceacqua, known at the time as Dulzana, dates back to 1177, and can be found in an ancient document which attests to its ownership by the counts of Ventimiglia; originally the structure consisted of a circular tower, which was built in the 12th century and remains as the centerpiece of the complex. There is also a small building that was once a sentry house for the guards.


The castle was enlarged in the 16th century by the then local lord Stefano Doria, who added a spurred rampart to the structure on its eastern side, as well as two identical square towers. Today the castle appears to be divided into two blocks; the front part was actually devoted to the control and security of the village, and provided various service rooms, prisons and warehouses.

The rear section, which is joined to the front of the building by a spacious courtyard, was the area that contained formal reception rooms for guests, and where the local lords resided.