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A romantic villa

A romantic villa

Place of peace and beauty

The origins of the Villa della Pergola are linked to the winter sojourning of the English in Alassio. In 1875 the families of two Scottish gentlemen, George Henderson Gibb and General William Montagu Scott McMurdo, spent an entire winter in Alassio and decided to purchase two large pieces of land – the Fuor del Vento Park and the Molino (windmill) di Sopra – situated on a hillside overlooking Alassio, in the locality of Costa.


General McMurdo built the Villino della Pergola out of a pre-existing residence formerly owned by the Counts of Lengueglia, and named it “Casa Napier” in honor of his brother-in-law, General Sir Charles Napier, whose statue can be found in Trafalgar Square in London. Today the villa is surrounded by a sumptuous garden, and is considered one of the botanical wonders of the Riviera and the Mediterranean; the villa is composed of 15 suites, each one dedicated to one of the many famous personalities who stayed at the Villa della Pergola and who played their part in the English colony in Alassio.


With its fine collection of watercolours, Victorian and Edwardian paintings, and antique furniture, you will be able to relive a real fin de siƩcle experience that reflects the exquisite taste and atmosphere of the time. A place in which history, luxury and nature combine to create a peaceful and serene refuge, far from all the frenetic activity of the Riviera.