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Baroque Wedding

Baroque Wedding

Gold will light up your wedding

The term Baroque Wedding is the technical term used by experts to describe the organization of a splendid event, that, contrary to what you might think, does not mean that it is in any way vulgar or excessive. Whoever chooses to focus on a Baroque mood for their wedding day is an enthusiast for character, and especially daring.


The predominant color chosen will definitely be gold, either as the absolute centerpiece of the color scheme or coordinated with delicate or more definitive nuances, based on personal tastes. As far as the details are concerned, a Baroque wedding is distinguished by character. You can add some distinctive stylistic elements to various corners of the location without making it looking excessive, as well as decorating the wedding dress with delicate gold embroidery, for anyone who doesn’t want to stick to the total white look and prefers something a bit more unusual or daring.


Our advice for a successful wedding theme is, as always, not to overdo it but to balance out all the elements, from the participation in the marriage tableau, to the mise en place of the look, and naturally, the wedding cake. This is the only way to achieve a really refined, polished result, suitable for a wedding especially when it is really the protagonists who are golden, and ultimately they want something that is not too pompous.