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Country chic wedding

Country chic wedding

How to organize it

The country chic style wedding is always one of the favorites amongst wedding couples, as it represents a compromise between elegant and rustic, allowing you to be informal but at the same time fashionable and up to date.

The country chic wedding takes its inspiration from simplicity and from nature. For this the right colors to use should reflect these two very important concepts. Bright, harsh and unnatural tones are therefore banned, whereas muted and subtle colors, such as shades of brown and beige, prevail, particularly as they recall natural raw materials such as wood, jute and canvas.

However, since the country chic look is inspired by the countryside, all shades of green and the pastel colors of wildflowers are also suitable. In fact, one of the very latest color trends is that of lavender. It is actually a very delicate shade that goes perfectly with all the elements we have described as indispensable for the arrangement of a country chic wedding.