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Don’t leave immediately, stay to rest for a day

The day after the wedding you will probably be exhausted, so don’t set your departure for the following day: it’s much better to have some time to take it easy, and get your bags ready at a leisurely pace.

The honeymoon is a special journey, filled with expectations and promises, so it’s always better to organize a custom designed trip, based on the wishes of both the bride and groom, and in compliance with your budget. Think calmly about what you would like to accomplish during the trip, discuss it openly with your partner and combine the wishes you both have, without settling for a certain destination just because your friends had a fantastic time there.

One of the basic things it is really important to check is whether you will find perfect weather for your trip in the month in question. And then it’s essential to keep the mix balanced between what you want and what is actually feasible; in fact you don’t have to spend too much, after all the saying goes that “money doesn’t buy happiness”. This also applies to travel: even within a limited budget you can still organize a beautiful honeymoon, all you have to do is choose the best among many possibilities.