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How to choose your witnesses

How to choose your witnesses

Have you chosen everything but are you worried about who should be your witnesses?

There is also a very precise protocol to be followed in this case, as according to the rules of etiquette the witnesses must support the future bride and groom at both a practical and an emotional level: in preparations for the wedding, in bachelor or hen parties, taking care of wedding rings etc. In some cases they are also the parents of the bridesmaids and pages.

Witnesses are usually chosen from among the circle of close relatives (brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins) or dearest friends, and their significance is not only a legal one. Of course, they have to sign documents testifying to the validity of the marriage, but they are really called upon to do more, in other words to support the couple in the first stages of their life together. Therefore you should choose them with your heart, and feel free to choose whoever you want; whoever you select will have to be notified two months in advance and will be required to accept or decline the proposal quickly.

Regarding the number, etiquette requires that the two witnesses should be positioned behind or possibly beside the couple. If you are getting married in a church make sure that your witnesses have been confirmed in the church. After making your difficult decision, save a special box of sweets just for the witnesses, something different from the ones you are giving to guests. What, exactly, should you choose? A personalized gift is sure to be very much appreciated. Give free rein to your creativity!