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Living Coral

Living Coral

The taste of the sea


It’s a fusion of pink and orange, and it can be fun to combine it with tones of grey or pale blue or with more neutral shades such as sand, cream or wood. It brings novelty and freshness and a reverence for the nuances of the last few years, even if it has to be in subtle little touches.

Flowers and Bouquet

Living Coral is perfect if it appears in different varieties of flowers, because it brings happiness to the table and to all the corners decorated with flower arrangements. The best idea is to combine this vibrant coral tone with shades that are close to it like peach, fuschia, pink or deep orange.

This is a suggestion that would also work for the bride’s bouquet: it could be in a version that’s more or less gaudy, but it is sure to always be beautiful. However in this case it would be best to choose a completely white wedding dress.

Mise en place

Tables and chairs in wood, gold colored cutlery, transparent glasses in the loveliest shade of amber; and beside all this, dishes and menus in Living Coral: this is where the mise en place is served.

The Wedding Cake

The cake could also present a nuanced version of the same color scheme. And if you don’t want to rule out floral decorations on the Wedding Cake, you could have edible flowers in a delicate coral color, choosing whatever particular hue suits the design concept.