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The Candy Bar

The Candy Bar

What is it?

It arrived from the United States and was quickly introduced into Italian wedding receptions. This new trend often completely replaces the more classic (but always nice) confetti buffet. The Candy Bar has become a real decorative element and a tasting must, worthy of every wedding!

It consists of a candy buffet, mostly made up of sweets, set up with special decorations that make it an absolute joy to look at, as well as a treat to sample. For the guests it will be like returning to childhood and being catapulted into a sweet shop where everyone will find something to satisfy their tastes: chewy candy and lollipops, decorated cookies, cupcakes, sugar candy, candy sticks, chocolates, macaroons, meringues, marshmallows and more. There are even candies that are without sugar and gluten free, in case any of the guests have food intolerances.

But what about the preparation? Given the ‘carefree’ attitude that affects this corner of sweetness, you can give full rein to your imagination, but be careful not to go overboard! The decorations have to be in line with the leitmotif of your wedding!