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The car for the bride

The car for the bride

Your business card of the wedding

The car in which you arrive at your marriage ceremony is an aspect that should not be underestimated, considering that it is in effect your business card.

Let’s see how you can choose the car that is best suited to the style of your wedding, whether it’s a vintage car, a sports car or a limousine. This is the vehicle that first takes the bride to the church or the town hall, and that later takes the couple on towards a new life together.

But how to choose the most suitable car for your wedding?

The key here is that it must always be chosen with the setting and style for your big day in mind.

  • For a romantic and nostalgic ceremony, the best choice could be a vintage car, and for this the possibilities are many, from an elegant cabriolet dating from the 60’s to a more austere model from the 30’s;
  • If the couple in question are more inclined towards the informal, then a two-seater sports car would be perfect!Black or blue, you can choose the color carefully to highlight its role as a wedding car. In this case, the groom can also drive the car himself; you could feel just like Hollywood stars for the day.
  • You could also opt for a classic, elegant limousine. White or black, there are all kinds of limousines. The limousine is particularly advised for those who want to give their ceremony a touch of elegance and sophistication.