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The guestbook

The guestbook

Originally the guestbook was the means in which the thoughts and signatures of the wedding guests were collected, to be dedicated to the bride and groom.

However in the last few years the guestbook has become more and more imaginative and fun; to the point that if you want to write in it you might have to join a very long lineup!

Some couples prefer to combine pictures with words, and so there will be a designated part of the book for you to set down your thoughts, but also space to stick a photo taken moments before with one of the Polaroids distributed to guests.

Another idea is to use particular objects on which to write something and then collect them in a single, special container: cork stoppers, pieces of a puzzle, little hearts made of wood or cardboard … and finally, among the most original suggestions, you could make a world globe available, that will also be wonderful to keep as a record of the event, displayed in a suitable place in your house.