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The Hen Party

The Hen Party

Do you want to organize something a little different for your hen party?


Even the ‘classic’ dinner can be an excellent idea if you “dress” it up with some flair and originality! Some key points for the perfect hen party: the budget: it is essential to decide together with the other participants how much to spend; the surprise effect: keeping the future bride in the dark as to what you have planned (and also throwing her off the scent as much as possible).

The idea: do you want to go dancing? Do you want to go away for a weekend? Do you want to do something completely different? Decide now, save time, but above all keep in mind the tastes of the protagonist! The location: now it’s time to choose the location! Bear in mind that if you have the idea of arranging a lot of activities you have to take into account all the moving around you will have to do. This is something that it’s always better to avoid, especially if there are a lot of you and you are in a city; the staging: there are lots of themed parties to choose from but if you decide on one it should be adhered to in every aspect, especially the set up.

You definitely need to have a logo for the event, and it can be used to personalize your party even more; the gifts: you mustn’t forget a special souvenir for all the participants, and of course there will also be a special present for the future bride. Grand finale: there absolutely must be a grand finale! Maybe a fireworks display, maybe you’ll all end up taking a dip in the swimming pool, or maybe there will even be a parade through the center with everyone dressed up circus style …