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The symbols of marriage

The symbols of marriage

To make your wedding unique


Here are the main symbols of marriage:

Bouquet: or flowers from the orange tree recall a symbol still present in the Greek liturgy: the crown of flowers on the bride’s head. This coronation is the symbol of accomplishing an important milestone in life: with marriage we reach the peak, we put ourselves in a position to live life in a comprehensive and complete way.

Ring: the symbol of God who has no beginning and no end. It is also the symbol of the rainbow, the great ring God built in the world after the flood, as a sign of the perennial alliance between him and humanity. In the French language this symbolism is even more evident. The wedding ring is called alliance, which signifies a covenant. And with this covenant your love is witnessed before all the people.

Confetti: this sweet has a symbolic meaning linked to the almond that is found inside them. The almond is a tree that has the distinction of being the first to flower and the last to reach maturity; the same way love flourishes at first, but must never end up growing old.

Festa: is the symbol of solidarity with everyone else. The wedding ceremony is not just a celebration for two people, the party is for everyone. Before society changed, the entire village was involved. It offers the most authentic meaning of Christian marriage: to be happy to open oneself to solidarity with the whole world.

Honeymoon: a symbol of change, of the need to go out, to leave, to break away, to begin the journey of life together.