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Wedding dresses for 2019

Wedding dresses for 2019

The catchphrase for the perfect wedding dress is simplicity


The trends seem to signal a return to the traditional, with classic, serene silhouettes and princess dresses with flimsy bodices and sleeves, but never too full: there are very few short skirts, but rather a return to the dresses we dreamed of as little girls, the kind of dress you only wear once in your lifetime.

The wedding dress may be tinged with a pastel shade (apart from candy pink, serenity blue is also popular), but may also feature a dramatic, vivid touch of red, lilac or yellow. These styles are perfect for a fashion wedding or for a second ceremony. The most favored feature Nude, white or flesh-colored tulle, with intricate embroidery or lace details, creating a sophisticated “tattoo” effect on the skin. Here the look plays with seen or not seen.

Necklines vary, to take care of every need. However the latest trends are clear: deep “V” necks, delicious boat necks to show off the shoulders, and turtle necks to leave everything to the imagination… the waistline is marked by satin sashes, brooches and jewelled belts.