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Wedding reception: The menu

Wedding reception: The menu

How to choose


One of the most important moments in organizing a wedding is choosing the menu for the banquet.

The reception is celebrated with the people who are the most important to you, who have supported you, and so you can choose an elegant and rather expensive sit-down service, or a wedding buffet that is more dynamic and informal. Having made this decision it is then a matter of considering the type of wedding menu you want.

The high quality of the dishes that are served is essential, but what is more important is the originality that is used to combine all the ingredients and the way they are served.

How to choose the wedding menu:

  • In the city a chic wedding menu is preferable
  • Iin the countryside it’s better to create a menu with typical dishes from the local cuisine.
  • For anyone who is getting married in the morning or after 6:00pm, the wedding menu has to be generous, and include everything from appetizers to dessert. If it’s a lunch, it can be arranged either as a buffet or with the guests seated.
  • However for those who are getting married in the afternoon, the best solution is to opt for a quick wedding buffet menu accompanied by soft music.