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What are your tastes in catering?

What are your tastes in catering?

The keywords are finding out and tasting

The first thing you have to know is how many guests will be attending your wedding reception, essential for the choice and the management of the event. The second step is to find out about the experiences of other people who have engaged catering: clients and experts always have their own opinions, so you must take advantage of all the information, opinions and advice you can.


The supplementary services that a catering service offers are also important: find out what amenities are available from your catering company, the number of waiters, whether or not there is a sommelier, whether they have a cake designer.


In any catering service, other than the kitchen staff there are many other people who work behind the scenes, each of whom should be contributing their efforts to make sure that the service lives up to your expectations. Every catering company has a vision, so it is important that they explain this to you, for example describing their choice of basic materials, the cooking techniques they adopt, are all important elements that could make the difference in the success of your wedding; so therefore it’s a good idea to meet the chefs and attend tasting sessions.


Last but not least in terms of importance is the mise en place or backdrop to the event which is vital for creating the atmosphere and style of your wedding. What makes the difference at a classy reception is really the way the table is decorated: your catering service should not underestimate the value of the display of serving dishes, china and glassware that they arrange to achieve the overall desired impression.