Getting Married in Apricale

Get married in one of the prettiest villages in Italy, organizing your wedding in a castle in Apricale.

Here you will experience the most wonderful day imaginable – just like in a fairytale.

Getting married in the Castello della Lucertola at Apricale, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Its advantageous position provides the origin of the name Apricale – “apricus” means “sunny”. But the main feature of this village is its series of old stone houses that wind in a continuous cascade along the stretch of a steep slope that is dominated by the Castle of the Lizard.

There is a mysterious lizard that gives the name to the Castle of Apricale, a locality on the border of France that has been classified amongst the loveliest towns in Italy. This metal lizard was found in the Stone Circle at Pian dei Re, where according to legend the King of the Celts stopped to rest.

There are fantastic stories that resonate within the walls of this completely restored Castle, such as that of the “trumpeter of Apricale”, a soldier who fought under General Custer, and was the only survivor of the massacre at Little Big Horn. The castle was also used as a scenic backdrop by the brilliant stage designer and painter Emanuele Luzzati.

You can hear these captivating stories, and at the same time taste delicious specialities served on the roof garden, in the party room or in the cellars of the castle. And here they talk of mysterious ghosts at night … but that’s another story!