For your wedding in the countryside, where the untouched inland areas of Liguria reveal small medieval villages perched on the slopes of the Maritime Alps, covered with olive groves, vineyards and forests. We have selected for you a number of picturesque villages that go back thousands of years in history, and will be the ideal setting for your wedding.

COUNTRY WEDDINGS LIGURIA in the village of Bajardo

Bajardo (foto Agenzia Regionale di Promozione Turistica In Liguria)

Wedding in the Italian village of Bajardo At the top of the Intermelia valley, the medieval town of Bajardo can be reached through a scenic ride between pine and chestnust trees is located at 910 mt a.s.l. in a panoramic location between the sea and the Ligurian Alps. The church, built on the ruins of an ancient pagan temple dedicated to the Abelio God, was almost entirely destroyed by the earthquake of 1887.Currently, with the sky as the roof and the grass as the floor, it’s...


Cipressa (foto Agenzia Regionale di Promozione Turistica In Liguria)

The village is situated on the Ligurian Riviera on thte western side and it is distant from the chief town, Imperia, about 13 km. The town is formed by the central core of Cipressa on the hill and by the fraction of Lingeglietta and up to the coast with the localities of Piani and Aregai. The picturesque Lingueglietta, hill fraction of Cipressa, still conserves in its name the n of the name of the nobil family Lengueglia, lords of this area in the Middle Ages. It has recently been reviewed as...

Ligurian Country Weddings at Montalto Ligure

A pictoresque wedding location in the Italian Riviera: Montalto Ligure Montalto Ligure, situated in the Argentina Valley, is a high medieval town, born before year one thousand xxxx with small gruops of inhabitants of the coast in search of a shelter from Lombard and saracens invasions. The legend narrates that it was the shelter of two young newlywed, excaping from the law of  ” jus primae noctis ” which the Count Oberto of Ventimiglia claimed to excercise in the area. Joined by...